Balustrades Gallery

Our balustrades are exquisite and add extra individuality to your staircase, browse our balustrades and spindles below. If you aren’t interested in a bespoke option, then you can still order a batch of balustrades from our ranges below.

Wisp Balustrade -2016 Design Award Winner

Balustrades, Sculptural
east-sussex-2-700x700 Balustrades Portfolio

Wisp Balustrade – Belsize Park

Balustrades, Contemporary
belsize-featured-700x700 Balustrades Portfolio

Wisp Balustrade

Balustrades, Sculptural
aberdeen4 Balustrades Portfolio

Wisp & Squiggle Balustrade – Rugby

Balustrades, Contemporary
rugby-featured-700x700 Balustrades Portfolio

Winchester -Wisp Balustrade

Balustrades, Sculptural
judy-bishop-feature-700x700 Balustrades Portfolio

Wembley: Glass Balustrade

Balustrades, Glass
wembly-metal-spine-staircase_4-700x700 Balustrades Portfolio

Twisted with Glass & Tulip Balustrade

Balustrades, Sculptural
Littledown-Farm-1000x731-C-700x700 Balustrades Portfolio

Twisted Balustrade

Balustrades, Sculptural
TWISTED-SQ-700x700 Balustrades Portfolio

Tulip & Thorn Balustrade – Finchley

Balustrades, Nature
megaro-hotel-staircase-2 Balustrades Portfolio

Southampton- Wisp Balustrade

Balustrades, Contemporary
indian-hotel-wisp-700x700 Balustrades Portfolio

South Kensington: Pod Balustrade

Balustrades, Nature
South-Kensington-Straight-Staircase-ff-700x700 Balustrades Portfolio

Salisbury: Rose Balustrade

Balustrades, Nature
kidney-3-700x700 Balustrades Portfolio

Pod Balustrade

Balustrades, Contemporary
brougton_1-700x700 Balustrades Portfolio

Oak & Stainless Steel Balustrade – Queensgate

Balustrades, Wood
queensgate-kensington-3-700x700 Balustrades Portfolio

Juliette Balustrades

Balustrades, Heritage
juliette-feature Balustrades Portfolio

Highgate – Tulip Balustrade

Balustrades, Nature
juliette-balcony-rose-1-700x700 Balustrades Portfolio

Glass Balustrade & Leather Handrail

Balustrades, Glass
warwickshire-feature Balustrades Portfolio

Glass Balustrade

Balustrades, Contemporary, Glass
putney_4-700x700 Balustrades Portfolio

Glass & Steel Balustrade

Balustrades, Glass
spiral-staircase-feature Balustrades Portfolio

Drip Balustrade – Ascot

Balustrades, Nature
ascot-metal-spiral-staircase-2-600x700 Balustrades Portfolio

Branch balustrade

Balustrades, Nature
branch-ballustrades-1-600x700 Balustrades Portfolio

Our breathtaking collections of creative balustrading for staircases and galleries unique to Zigzag were first launched in 2012 - since then we have added many more designs. Designs and shapes from nature, antiques and pure sculptural forms, our balustrades are hand carved, hand cast in solid metal and hand polished in the UK to create a stunning high end designer product, that can be fitted to any staircase or gallery, old or new, internal or external. Our DIY balustrading will turn a stair, gallery or balcony into a stunning feature piece. All designs are registered with and protected by the Intellectual Property Office. Shop for balustrades online.