Staircase gallery

Creative contemporary and sculptural stairs including straight, cantilever, central spine, helical, and spiral staircases, in solid wood, stainless steel, aluminium and glass.

Winchester Zigzag Staircase

Floating, Helical, Zigzag
judy-bishop-feature-700x700 Staircase Portfolio

Warwickshire: Steel Spine Staircase

Spine, Straight
warwickshire-feature Staircase Portfolio

Tree Spiral – 2015 Design Award Winner

tree-feature Staircase Portfolio

Sutherland Avenue: Steel, Glass & Oak Staircase

sutherland-feature Staircase Portfolio

Surrey Zigzag Staircase

Floating, Winder / Dog Leg, Zigzag
brougton_1-700x700 Staircase Portfolio

St James Park: Zigzag Staircase

Winder / Dog Leg, Zigzag
st-james-park-ff-2-620x700 Staircase Portfolio

Rugby Zigzag Staircase

Cantilever, Floating, Zigzag
rugby-featured-700x700 Staircase Portfolio


Winder / Dog Leg
RSA-Head-Office-Staircase-ff-700x700 Staircase Portfolio

Queensgate Timber Staircase

queensgate-kensington-3-700x700 Staircase Portfolio

Oxshot Walnut Staircase

oxshot-feature Staircase Portfolio

North Oxford: Zigzag Staircase

Straight, Zigzag
north-oxford_1-700x700 Staircase Portfolio

Milton Keynes: Spine Staircase

Floating, Spine, Straight
mk-spine-ff-700x700 Staircase Portfolio

Littlehampton: Spiral Staircase

littlehampton-3-700x700 Staircase Portfolio

Littledown Farm

Helical, Spine
contemporary-1 Staircase Portfolio

Knebworth Spiral Staircase

kenbworth-feature-700x700 Staircase Portfolio

Hampshire Zizag Staircase

Floating, Straight, Zigzag
linda-m-5-700x700 Staircase Portfolio

Finchley Staircase

Cantilever, Winder / Dog Leg
megaro-hotel-staircase-2 Staircase Portfolio

Falmouth Zigzag Staircase

Floating, Winder / Dog Leg, Zigzag
Famouth-3-700x700 Staircase Portfolio

Essex Staircase

edward-1B-1-700x700 Staircase Portfolio

East Sussex Staircase

Cantilever, Floating, Winder / Dog Leg, Zigzag
east-sussex-2-700x700 Staircase Portfolio

East Sussex 2

Cantilever, Floating, Winder / Dog Leg, Zigzag
east-sussex-2-4-700x700 Staircase Portfolio

Dorking Floating Stairs

Floating, Winder / Dog Leg
dorking-feature Staircase Portfolio

Clifton Villas Timber Stairs

Winder / Dog Leg
clifton-feature Staircase Portfolio

City Reach Staircase

city-reach-2 Staircase Portfolio

Chelsea Helical Staircase

Chelsea-1-700x700 Staircase Portfolio

Over the years our staircases and balustrades have become our signature and our success. Our ability to understand space, materials and structure, means that our staircase design sets us apart from other stair manufacturers. We are creative, imaginative, forward thinking, and willing to take on any project presented to us, particularly ones that dare to be different. We relish the opportunity to create something unique that will be a talking point now and in years to come.