Winchester - Wisp Balustrade

‘Wisp’ was used to great effect in this oak framed rustic new build. Instead of using our standard bright polish we gave each balustrade a fine ‘Pewter’ finish, to create a more earthy rustic feel. The overall effect was a work of art over one of our signature ‘zigzag’ oak helical staircases, finished off with an eight meter run on the first floor gallery. This project proved that our contemporary and sculptural balustrades really do go anywhere, even a rustic traditional home, giving just a splash of WOW in the entrance of a home.

Wisp is one of our best selling award winning sculptural balustrades, so called because of its wisp like curves and undulating sections, like wisps of smoke it twists and turns up your staircase and along your gallery. Wisp creates beautiful wave effects that change as you walk past or up a staircase. It has been used in developments by the sea to reflect the ocean, it's also been used in Art Deco inspire builds due to its beautifully delicate and feminine ’S’ deco shape. It goes well mixed with little sister ’Squiggle’ too (see Rugby case study). Wisp is truly part of the Zigzag family and our heritage. 

judy-bishop-2 Winchester -Wisp Balustrade

judy-bishop-3 Winchester -Wisp Balustrade