Twisted with Glass & Tulip Balustrade

We sometimes use real forms from nature, and one of our favourites is ‘Twisted’. Cast from real carefully selected twisted hazel branches, we have adapted them to work as balustrades. With 5 different twisted shapes the effect is like a random organic vine creeping up your staircase. On the first floor of this project we used curved glass separated with ‘Tulip’. 

This is a lovely way to use our spindles, to soften the otherwise harsh and commercial feel of glass and to add real individuality and a bit of quirk. This sculptural ‘Twisted’ balustrading is used here on one of our signature sculptural ‘Spine’ staircases. Click here for more on our ‘Spine’ staircase.

contemporary-1 Twisted with Glass & Tulip Balustrade

Littledown-Farm-4 Twisted with Glass & Tulip Balustrade