Rose & Thorn Balustrade

‘Rose & Thorn’ from Zigzags Nature Range work so well together, as they both do with ‘Tulip’. ‘Thorn’ does the majority of the work here, with ‘Rose’ dotted in sporadically to break things up and add a flourish of delicate decoration. All our sculptural balustrade designs come as standard with a bright polish finish, as seen here, or a satin Pewter effect finish. 

We can also apply any colour or metallic finish to them for use indoors or outdoors. Our metal finishes include bronze, copper, brass, graphite to name just a few, contact us to chat about your project as find out what we can do for you.

linda-m-2 Rose & Thorn Balustrade

linda-m-3 Rose & Thorn Balustrade

linda-m-4 Rose & Thorn Balustrade

linda-m-5 Rose & Thorn Balustrade