Oxshot Walnut Staircase

Huge central metal spine staircase with floating platform stair treads glass balustrade and leather handrails. Our clients asked us to design and build a new grand feature walnut staircase from ground to first, the brief was described thus.. ‘I want something that my daughter can walk down on her wedding day’. A matching flight was required first to second floor to take them up into a new loft opening, created by us, to go into a huge loft conversion.

Our design was our first large floating platform staircase, with over sized treads and huge platforms at the bottom, which has become a signature and a best seller over the years. The central steel spine supported large walnut clad treads on hidden steel brackets to give the impression of floating steps.

Glass balustrading on the stairs and the galleries give a grand open feel with a large oval leather clad handrail fixed to the panels on bespoke cast aluminium brackets, every detail was considered and made bespoke. One of our favourites, and the clients were a pleasure to have known.

  • Materials – Mild steel spine, walnut treads, glass balustrade, leather handrail, low voltage lighting.
  • Client – Private

oxshot-staircase-featured Oxshot Walnut Staircase

oxshot-staircase-featured-2 Oxshot Walnut Staircase