It wasn’t the brief exactly, but what we ended up with was something that really did look like the Escher stairs drawings of the late 50’s when you stand in the basement of this house and look up!

The glass floor on ground floor is key, allowing you a free sight line all the way up to the second flight. The design is our signature ‘Zigzag’ staircase, two flights, one on top of the other, in oak with a white painted underside and structural handrail free glass balustrading.

The design is utterly transformed by being installed slightly off its surrounding walls and an LED lighting strip running, hidden, down its side flooding the gap with light washing up and down the walls.

putney_3 The infinite Escher staircase that features our signature Zigzag stair design

Staircases are huge structures and we think they may as well light the space they fill as well as get you from A to B. It creates the feeling of the stair actually floating, some have said it looks like a channel of molten metal cascading down the staircase which we quite like the imagery of given that is what we do a lot whilst wearing our sculpture hats!

This ‘Zigzag’ staircase was finished in dark stained oak with an Osmo white wash, all to match the flooring throughout. The glass was 19mm laminate.

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