We set about to design and make our ‘Tree’ sculptural spiral staircase back in 2013, we managed it a year later launching at the start of 2014. ’Tree’ was born of our love of nature and our desire to make spiral staircases desirable again.

For a long time spiral stairs have had a bad press, not being stable enough or being too small to get furniture up etc. which are all valid, but ultimately I think the problem is that spiral stairs have been a little lackluster over the years. To us spirals are truly beautiful, they are simple yet complex and they are beautifully symmetrical and mirror imaging from top to bottom, which can really balance a room.

glass-tree-1 Our unique ‘Tree’ spiral staircase made with glass

A staircase could be seen as the trunk of a home, with the landings and rooms the branches and leaves coming off it. We have taken that quite literally with ‘Tree’, designing a tread support component which started out as a real tree trunk and branch. (Don’t worry, no trees were hurt in the making of ‘Tree’ you will be relieved to know!) These were fused together and adapted to make an arm like support that would hold each step.

The supports are separated by a slice of real tree trunk which can be made bigger or smaller depending on the height required. All the components are hand made out of cast aluminium and polished to create the piece. The recognisable textures of the bark ands knots etc. are clearly on show which makes the piece even more appealing and tactile. This is a spiral staircase that you just can’t not want to climb!

The steps can be in wood or if you dare, glass, the balustrade can be anything from our range of sculptural balustrading (see our balustrade portfolio), and the overall diameter of the staircase can be up to 2.5m, which for any staircase is a healthy size. Any height can be accommodated, a square shaped spiral is also an option.

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