Working with architects

At Zigzag we work for architects, Interior designers and developers, as well as for private clients directly. The process is the same for everyone, send us your enquiry by email or post, or book a visit to come and see us.

Give us as much information at this stage as you can, layout drawings, 3-d visuals, images of a staircase design you want to achieve, material specification and style specification if you have got that far. If you don't have this information and want us to design from a blank canvas we are happy and well equipped to do so.


If you can supply a general layout and specification at this first point of contact we will be able to give you a ball park costing relatively straight away based on projects that we have done in the past that closest resemble what you are looking for. If you need us to design for you and work from scratch we will have to either be engaged to do so based on a verbal description and quotation from a design perhaps on our website, or we will charge for design work on a daily studio rate. If we do the latter the design costs should we be used to produce the final structure will be deducted form the over all commission cost.

Visit us

Once you have made initial contact and given us what information you can, we recommend you come to our show office and workshop to see what we do and how we do it. From this point to you can touch and see our product in the flesh which is always the best way to move designs forward, feel free to bring you client at this stage too. It is important to include them in the design process if they are interested and have the time to be. All we ask is that you please book your visit with our team in advance so we can have the teas and coffee ready, we also take buiscuit make orders!


Once we have either met you to discuss things or done it remotely, we will generally produce a written quotation with a verbal description with all details clarified along with our process and terms included. At this stage development of the design and details mentioned in the quotation can begin until you reach a final decision for you of your client. Our work is always bespoke, and as such we are constantly flexible with design and development, whilst working within any limitations put in place such as budget etc.

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