Dorking Oak Stair Treads & Floating Staircase

Chunky 'Sleeper' style free standing oak zigzag staircase. A mixture of solid and veneered oak, glass balustrade and oak handrails, this structure is quite something to be met with as soon as you walk through the front door, drawing your eye up to the double height voided entrance and the contemporary fixtures and fittings around the hall.

  • Materials - Oak stair treads & risers, glass balustrade, oak handrail, mild steel sub frame
  • Client - Private

One of larger stairs this design makes the treads look like huge chunky sleepers just resting on top of each other to create the structure. What is actually happening is something else, but we will keep that to ourselves! Lovely staircase for lovely clients, thank you.

dorking-cantiliever-staircase-2 Dorking Floating Stairs

dorking-cantiliever-staircase1 Dorking Floating Stairs