We have had a wonderful write up in the online magazine in.DESIGN. Pages 24 – 26. Extract below:

Despite performing a straightforward job of simply allowing people to move from floor to floor desert mean that staircase design needs to be straightforward…

Zigzag are renowned for their beautiful balustrades, perfect for giving staircases old or new the ‘wow’ factor. They have over 40 designs to choose from in an inspiring portfolio, and everything is made and managed for their Oxfordshire studio.

‘Spine’ is a unique stair concept designed by Zigzag Stairs head designer Nick Burborough ‘Spine’ was installed as a Centea feature in a beautifully converted farmhouse. The staircase sits in the addle of a large open space lobby on a marble floor, and rise up through a horse shoe shaped stairwell.

The first floor gallery is finished off in curved glass panels separated by metal ‘Tulip’ balustrade details. Spine’s vertebrae is bolted together to suit any height and almost any shape including straight along a wall. The components undermine each individual step which can be solid in timber of glass. The steps then support the jewel-like sculptural balustrades synonymous with Zigzag Stairs.

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