What shape do you want your staircase to be?

Finding the right staircase shape for a new build

Shape is often directly linked to place, bearing in mind the shape may be led by where you decide to or have to put your staircase. On the flip side, if you have lots of room on a new build, you might have the luxury of lots of space and considering any shape. Shapes can generally be broken down into the following categories:

  1. Straight (winder = straight with turn at bottom or at top or in middle)
  2. Dog leg 
  3. Helical
  4. Spiral

You can get hybrids of these such as Helical going into straight or straight going into spiral, so any shape is possible, but start off with considering shapes 1-4 Your designer will be able to tell you which shape will work with your space, this is critical.

Staircase shape consideration for renovations

Same as above, shape relates to space, and no more so with renovations. Renovating is a lot more limited than new build and you may have to work with more of the house structure. So you may not be able to change the Place of your stair much, but that doesn’t mean you can’t change the Shape. As mentioned above, ‘adding curves where there are right angles and pulling the structure off the walls slightly add contemporary character whilst not changing the overall layout too much, so work well with renovations.

Your staircase designer should be able to look at your existing stair and be able to suggest creative tweaks whilst designing a staircase to sit in generally the same area. A simple flare to the lower steps, new handrail with decorative volutes at the bottom and beautiful balustrade, are all details that don’t affect the overall layout much but could give your renovation and your new staircase big impact in its original space.’

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