Wembley Spine

We designed ‘Spine’ as a sculptural solution to a typical spine staircase, to offer a truly bespoke look and feel at a more affordable price. ’Spine’ is created using one single sculpted cast metal component, which when repeated bolts together to create a vertebra like structure. It makes for a stunning feature where normally there would be chunky straight timber or a metal beam. This project saw us mix ’Spine’ with a lower platform tread structure in solid and veneered timber. 

The bottom platform was shaped to create a turn through 90 degrees and that shape was then reflected in the open treads sitting on the sculptural segments. ’Spine’ is fast becoming one of our best selling sculptural staircase and can be used with glass or our sculptural balustrades.

wembly-metal-spine-staircase_2 Wembley: Spine Staircase

wembly-metal-spine-staircase_4 Wembley: Spine Staircase