Rugby: Zigzag Staircase

Our third staircase for the same architects on this amazing new build project in the heart of rural Leicestershire on the banks of a stunning water reserve. Here we designed and made one of our signature ebonized ‘Zigzag’ stairs with subtle curved turns, a flared bottom run, and 2 large quarter turn landing to give the whole staircase a grand feel. 

The balustrade was a mixture of ‘Wisp’ and ‘Squiggle’ from our contemporary range of sculptural balustrading all hand cast and polished in solid aluminium, topped off with a beautiful continuous solid oak ebonized oval handrail. Great clients, great job, a great pleasure!

rugdby-stair-build-1 Rugby Zigzag Staircase

rugdby-stair-build-2 Rugby Zigzag Staircase

rugdby-stair-build-3 Rugby Zigzag Staircase

rugdby-stair-build-4 Rugby Zigzag Staircase

rugdby-stair-build-5 Rugby Zigzag Staircase

rugdby-stair-build-6 Rugby Zigzag Staircase