Nick Burborough's appearance on Grand Designs

The Violin Factory, Waterloo, series four and episode one of Grand Designs was broadcast on Channel 4 in 2004. Prior to founding Zigzag Design Studio, creative director Nick Burborough was approached to design and make the 3 flight staircase and entire joinery package for this Violin factory conversion in London's Waterloo.

Above is the master bedroom with huge central walnut double vanity unit with two Belfast sinks and a hidden film projector on the other side. The dining room had a huge glass gantry leading from the stairwell to a hidden white door that led into the walnut panelled secret study. Jamie Oliver might have been seen in the kitchen!


The other side of the double Belfast walnut vanity unit in the master bathroom. The large piece of bespoke furniture provided the break between bedroom and bathroom and tripled up as the head rest for the bed and the projector for the James Bond style drop down projector.

The fitted study and library was a hidden walnut panelled interior both traditional and contemporary to create the look and feel of a sumptuous gentleman's club. The entrance was a white door hidden in a white wall, the exit, a walnut bookshelf on a pivot leading into an different part of the house. Surely one of Zigzags finest and most liked interior designs.

Kevin McCloud in the programme describes the staircase as 'Exquisite' as he walks up it with Louise and Milko the clients. Nick and his team were filmed a lot during the episode, watch it via the link at the bottom of this page.