Sculptural spiral staircase cast in aluminium from real tree parts.

‘Tree’ was originally a real tree trunk and branch, found in the wood behind our studio. During the pattern making process we fused the two tree parts together and adapted them to make a usable step support shape. Once the shape has been hand carved in our Oxfordshire studio, it is then used to create a two part negative imprint mould in sand, which in turn is then filled with liquid molten metal. The end result is a solid metal reproduction of the wooden original, strong enough to be used as a step support. These components can be lowered onto a central steel post and repeated to create a spiral staircase and to form the ’Tree’ sculpture.

Tree Staircase

The inspiration behind all our work is to create unique sculptural structures. Works of art that have function, the combination of beauty and utility. ‘Tree’ is influenced by our growing interest in raw natural forms and texture. We love the idea of reproducing instantly recognisable things in our signature material, aluminium, then polishing them to look quirky, eccentric, and a little surreal. It makes people smile, and its great to see when the penny drops! Its almost magical, like alchemy.

Our first ‘Tree’ is currently being installed in fantastical barn conversion in the Midlands. Our customer is a real life Willy Wonka, and just as eccentric, a dream client! We are currently rolling out plans for another 3 variations on ‘Tree’ for another clients quirky home renovation. We have had enquiries to do one outside which I can only hope happens, because that would look amazing!

Tree staircase strip

If you want to see our sculptural metal work first hand including a huge range of creative balustrading as well as the staircases complete, we do a few exhibitions. We have just exhibited at Grand Designs Live in London which was a great show, so thank you to all who gave us support there. Our next show is Home Building and Renovating at Sandown Racecourse in Surrey 27th-28th June, then off to Paris for Maison & Objet 4th-8th September, then back to London for 100% Design 23rd-26th September.

We would love to see you there or anytime at our studios in Oxford. Alternatively you can order one of our brochures from our website link below. Thank you for reading.

Team Zigzag