We designed ‘Spine’ in 2013 and manufactured our first components for this unique stair design in 2014, to launch as part of our growing sculptural staircase range. It quickly sold off the drawing board and has become a firm favourite in the Zigzag studio. The basic idea was to create a spine like support by bolting one component again and again to make up a structural support. We wanted the component to be as beautiful as possible in its own right whilst at the same time being strong and being able to do its job of supporting a step, and being able to bolted to itself multiple times. As a result of much work on the drawing board and prototyping in the workshop ’Spine’ was born.

‘Spine’ is fixed to itself in multiples to create a complete staircase, and can twist and turn to follow almost any shape. The components repeated create a striking feature. It can be used with or without our sculptural balustrading, and is designed to support timber treads as shown. Now that the ‘Spine’ concept has been designed and is in production variations on the same theme are being designed to add to the family.

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