creative balustrades

Our creative balustrading for stairs and galleries are beautifully unique, designed to make a stunning feature of stairs and galleries old or new, beauty and utility combined.

‘Balustrading is a must by law, so make it look amazing. Our balustrade designs do just that, there’s nothing like it anywhere else.’
 Nick Burborough – creative director

Hand cast in solid semi precious metals including aluminium, bronze and brass, our decorative balustrades offer a solution never seen before to adorn staircases and galleries old or new. More than traditional banisters our sculptural designs of spindles and handrails range from real cast tree branches to antlers to immaculately detailed antique reproductions with a twist. We offer a variety of finishes including bright polish, satin, stove enamel to match any colour, copper and nickel plate, we have even been asked to plate our balustrade designs in rose gold. Our ranges are being added to all the time, so keep a look out here for more of our quirky and eccentric creations.

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casting balustrades in workshop

Photo: The casting of metal balustrades in our workshop


heritage balustrades

Our Heritage Range are revived vintage and antique balustrades including Victorian, Edwardian, Georgian, art Deco and Art Nouveaux. Our antique originals are sourced from all over the world to find the right look to add to our collection. All Heritage balustrades are hand cast in solid metal for a quirky twist on their original form.



Our Nature Range include real cast metal branches (above), sculpted Rose & Thorn stems and abstract interpretations of shapes taken from nature and the garden such as our Tulip trilogy shown in the main image at the top of the page. All patterns are hand carved in our workshop then hand cast in solid metal and polished to shine like jewels. Nature Range in perfect for external garden or decking balustrading, and we are producing a range of garden gates and feature entrance gates using this theme.



Pure sculptural shapes made into balustrading that when repeated create a truly stunning and unique pattern to create a WOW feature in any interior. Our designs are being added to all the time or we can work with our clients to create their own unique ‘one of a kind’ balustrade design. Balustrading is a must by law, so why not make it utterly beautiful?


wooden pod balustrade

Our contemporary range offers a more simplistic approach to our creative balustrading, for interiors that do not warrant pure sculpture but need something a little different from the norm. Solid timbers and cast metals work separately from each other or together, perfect for giving your stair a face life or a new project.